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Sale- some realms(We have all the realms in US server with the World of warcraft)

1. Cenarion Circle US - A
2 Hellscream US - A
3 Windrunner US - A
4 Hydraxis US - A5 Hydraxis US - H
6 kirin Tor US - A
7 Dunemaul US - A
8 firetree US - A
9 Misha US - A
10 Thrall US - A
11 Norgannon US - A
12 Norgannon US - H
13 Chromaggus US - A
14 Hyjal US - H
15 Warsong US - A
16 The Venture Co US - A
17 Scarlet Crusade US - H
18 Quel'dorei US - A
19 Quel'dorei US - H


1 . Andorhal US - Alliance
2. Tortheldrin - Horde
3. Uldum - Alliance
4. Drak'thul - Alliance
5. Antonidas US - Alliance
6. The Underbog US - Alliance
7. Auchindoun US - Horde
8. Spinebreaker - Alliance
9. Muradin - Allianc
10. Trollbane - Alliance
11. Destromath - Alliance
12 Uldaman - Alliance
13 Nazgrel - Alliance
14 Anvilmar-Alliance
15 Wildhammer - Alliance
16 Alleria - Alliance
17 Drenden - Alliance
18 Archimonde - Alliance
19 Stormscale - Horde
20 Wildhammer - Horde
21 Archimonde - Alliance
22 Bonechewer - Horde
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BlizzCon 2007 Announced!

A year and a half ago, Blizzard hosted the first "BlizzCon," a convention celebrating the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo game universes and the amazing community of players who contribute to their continued popularity. Today, Blizzard announced that BlizzCon will once again open its doors on August 3, 2007. Highlights for this year's BlizzCon will include:

Discussion panels with Blizzard game developers;

Competitive and casual tournaments, including a World of Warcraft TCG tournament;
Costume, machinima, and character sound-alike contests with great prizes;
Live orchestral performances of music from Blizzard games;

And many more exciting activities to be announced soon at www.blizzcon.com! Check out this press release and the BlizzCon FAQ now to learn more about the when, where, and what of BlizzCon 2007!


Expansion Strat Guide and Onyxia Raid Decks Available

BradyGames' World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

New Races: Complete coverage of the blood elves and draenei. From their strengths to their starting zones, nothing is left in the dark.

New Weapons: Discover the awesome battery of weapons and armor at your disposal, with detailed lists of the Superior, Epic, and Legendary items found in the darkest reaches of this new world.

Hellfire Explored: Take a guided tour through the first Outland World Dungeon -- Hellfire Citadel. Know what quests lead there, what bosses reside there, and what treasures you will find there.

Outland Revealed: Every zone is laid open before you. We take you through it all in quest-based, easy-to-use modules.

New PvP System: Learn what to expect from the new world PvP and Arena systems. Understand the unique goals and rewards of each new PvP zone.
Complete Crafting Coverage: Every recipe for every crafting profession. From 1 to 375, it's all covered.

New Comics: Exclusive new World of Warcraft comics from Penny Arcade. As an update to the official strategy guide for The Burning Crusade, Brady has published a downloadable addition including a map and detailed legend for Shadowmoon Valley! Use this new map to find smiths, merchants, enemies, items, and more. You can download this addition today from BradyGames.com. (71 MB .pdf) The Onyxia's Lair Raid Deck comes with everything you need to play the iconic dragon against your friends and incinerate them into oblivion. In addition to a full Onyxia monster deck, each Raid Deck comes with Whelp tokens, oversize Onyxia hero cards, and a treasure pack with foil cards exclusive to this raid—not to mention a higher frequency of Loot cards.


New Employment Opportunity – Web Designer

Blizzard Entertainment has an immediate opening for a Web Designer. The ideal candidate is well versed in HTML, JavaScript, and Photoshop and experienced in all manner of web-design elements, such as the design and layout of buttons, links, menus, and text. The Web Designer's primary duties will be to help design and implement the HTML pages for our growing websites. A lot of focus will be spent on supporting existing and future Blizzard titles. The Web Designer will also be responsible for daily web updates and maintenance of existing Blizzard sites. The ideal candidate will also have a strong working knowledge of Blizzard games. For more information on this position, please view the job description here.

WoW Comic Contest: Honorable Mentions

Here is the next honorable mention from this month's comic contest submissions. Remember, the contest will go on all year long, so don't miss your chance to win a J!NX gift certificate with an approximate retail value of $100! Keep those comics coming! Check out today's honorable mention from Deleo.

Have a comic to submit? It's not too late to enter the comic contest. Read the official rules, and submit your comics today!


Darkmoon Faire Coming to Austin

Everyone knows that the Darkmoon Faire stops in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, but did you ever wonder where it goes for the other three weeks of every month? Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE)'s Darkmoon Faire will begin its real-world tour in Austin, Texas on April 27. The Darkmoon Faire will host World of Warcraft Trading Card Game tournaments for all levels of players, with prizes including iPods and high-end gaming computers. After spending your days immersed in World of Warcraft activities, you can hit the town and see what gave Austin its reputation as a destination city for live music and nightlife. Check out all the info for Darkmoon Faire: Austin—as well as a schedule of upcoming North American and European Darkmoon Faire locations—on UDE's official site.

Expansion Factions Update

We've just released an update for our expansion factions guide: reputation rewards for the Lower City faction of The Burning Crusade. Check out the new page now!


Hellfire Citadel Gameplay Trailer

On the blasted world of Outland, within the heart of Hellfire Peninsula stands Hellfire Citadel, a nearly impenetrable bastion that served as the Horde's base of operations throughout the First and Second Wars. For years, this gargantuan fortress was thought to be abandoned - until the recent discovery that marauding bands of fel orcs have made Hellfire Citadel their home. Though the origins of this particularly savage breed present something of a mystery, what's more disconcerting is that the numbers of these fel orcs seem to be growing... Hellfire Citadel is one of the first new dungeons that players will encounter in The Burning Crusade. Watch our new gameplay trailer, which showcases the look and feel of Hellfire Citadel's three 5-man wings.

WoW Comic Contest: Honorable Mentions

Here is the next honorable mention from this month's comic contest submissions. Remember, the contest will go on all year long, so don't miss your chance to win a Blizzard Edition iPod Nano. Keep those comics coming!

Check out today's honorable mention from Harshliem.

How to Properly Enjoy World of Warcraft

1. Choose a server type that’s right for you. the server you select will be one you complain about until Character Transfers are allowed, so choose wisely.

2. Give your character a unique name. Be sure to stand out from the other Sephiroths and Thralls that probably play on your server,please try to choose a name that is extremely difficult to type out. If they can't type out your name, they can't add you to their ignore list.

3. Choose a class that suits you.

4. Ask Plenty of Stupid Questions!

5. Make your Numbers as high as possible. The larger that number is, the more unplayable your character is.

6. The only profitable tradeskill is being a female. Play as a girl. Do not ever, EVER, even hint that you are male unless you dislike getting free gold from desperate nerds.

7. Be patriotic. Part of the fun of World of Warcraft is the tension caused by having two warring factions. Play into this as much as possible to heighten your enjoyment of the game and the enjoyment of everyone around you.

8. Lay Down the Law in Duels. When you duel someone, you are giving them your valuable time. They should, therefore, be happy to consent to a fight on your terms, so don't hold back out of politeness.

9. Play things the way *you* wish to. This advice is not only suited to having a good time, but also economical.

10. Create a good group. Most of the expert, advanced content relies on being in a balanced group of 5 or more people. A balanced group should consist of a Hunter, Three Rogues and a “Utility” player, such as a healer or a Tank.

11. Be sure to announce everything you do with macros. Communication is the most important thing in your relationships with the group. Casting Flash Heal is one thing.

12. Never accept fault for anything.


New World of Warcraft Wallpaper

We just added a new wallpaper to our World of Warcraft wallpapers section. This wallpaper features some amazing artwork from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Head over to the Upper Deck Entertainment website now to learn more about the game, see more art, or even download some demo decks.
amazing artwork new wallpaper


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Celestial Tournament: Latest Results

Get a look at the Round 6th tourney match-ups now, and check back later to find out how your favorite guilds did in the 5th Round of the Celestial Tournament. Round 6 begins right away and concludes later Sunday evening, Pacific Time.
Celestial Tournament guild wars Guild Wars News Latest Results


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